Bliss Vibrant Body Balls – Ginseng & Foti

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Did You Know? In some ancient cultures raw cacao beans were considered so valuable they were traded as currency in place of money. Take a taste of this blissful treat and you’ll soon understand why!IngredientsCacao*, ginseng*, foti*, dates*, raisins*, Brazil nuts, vanilla, Himalayan salt, cashew nuts *OrganicAllergens: Tree nuts

A delicious duo of bite-sized chocolate treats; Bliss Chocolate Balls are made with real raw cacao, free of dairy, gluten, sugar and eggs. This is the perfect chocolate snack for vegans and raw foodists. Ordinary processed chocolate is junk food, but real raw chocolate is considered a superfood – it’s full of antioxidants and gives you all the tasty goodness with none of the guilt. Plus, Bliss Chocolate Balls include ginseng and foti, two energising herbs to give you the perfect healthy pick-me-up.