A Vogel Sinuforce

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All plants from which A.Vogel products originate are grown 100% organically, either from their own cultivation or from organic farmers working on contract. The plants are harvested at an ideal, carefully predetermined time and immediately made into tinctures ensuring high quality natural remedies from fresh plants. Natural extraction with drinking alcohol is used for the further preparation of tinctures to a solid form such as tablets.DirectionsIngredientsLuffa operculata D6, Hydrastis canad. D6, Cinnabaris D8, Lemna minor D3, Kalium bichromicum D6. In equal parts Alcohol content: 48% v/v.

A homoeopathic remedy for the treatment of sinusitis and nasal catarrh. Helps to relieve sore and inflamed sinuses and nasal pasasges. Great for colds and ‘fu, or seasonal allergies.